Thursday, August 19, 2010

My First Trip to Disney World

The 2 weekends ago I went to Disney World in Orlando, FL with my sister and our 2 best friends.  I always thought that I should make a trip to Disney before I get too old and loose my interest in cute things.  Needless to say, I was really happy that we decided to go to Disney.

We ended up going to Epcot instead of Magic Kingdom.  It was fun but I wish there were more Disney related things.  My next travel wish list will definitely be Magic Kingdom or maybe Japan Disneyland.

Just thought I'll share some photos of the trip.  The weather in Florida is SOOOO humid and hot, much like how it was in Taiwan. 

On our first day...
we went to Daytona Beach, Universal Studio City Walk and Downtown Disney. It was raining for the whole weekend so our trip at the beach was very memorable (sarcastically speaking).  For some reason, we all left our swim suits at the hotel.  It started pouring heavily minutes after we got out of the car at Daytona beach, so our original idea to just walk into the water with our shorts was put to a halt.  Not only that, we managed to get our rental car stuck in the soft sand.  Since it took us an hour to get there, we felt so silly & shameful that we didn't actually swim in the water.  We managed to at least get our feet wet.  Other than that....well...the salad bar @ Ruby Tuesday in Daytona Beach was great! 

We spent the rest of the first day at Universal city walk and the night at Downtown Disney.

We were all super tired by the end of the day.  But I was really excited with my first encounter of Disney stuffs.  The Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney was in reality a Disney shopping mall masked successfully into a theme park like area for shopping and dining.  But I can't deny how excited I was when I stepped into those stores. 

We had a late night dinner after our visit to the Pleasure Island.  We were really hungry and finally settled with Pizzeria Uno nearby.  The food was so so and the wait at the table was quite long.  The decoration was close to 80s family restaurant style.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Crafty bridal shower idea

For my sister's bridal shower, the three bridesmaids decided to create uniforms for the four of us to wear.  So once the ideas were formed, the currently unemployed crafty person, which is me, was put to work under pressure.  We saw these super cute "Thing" shirts during the out-of-town bridal shower getaway trip at Orlando, FL.  Remember those creates called Thing One and Thing Two from Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat book?

What some creative dude at Universal Studio made these into four Thing shirts.
We thought it was the perfect shirts to have. So....I was put to work. I bought some normal tees from Michaels and used fabric paint to draw these adorable "thing" bubbles on each shirt.  They turned out to be pretty cool when you look at all 4 shirts today.  Noticed how the Bride-to-be has a little crown on her "thing 1" shirt? 
And we didn't just let the idea stopped here.  We decided to do a makeover for all four shirts.  Although the makeover was a lot harder than I imaged and I would say some shirts didn't turn out as I want, it was definitely fun. 

Of the four shirt, I like the makeover on the Thing One shirt the most.  It was more elegant and wearable than the other 3.  Consider I was given a short notice, I would say this is still a job well done.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flexi Flats...Lifesaver for high heel lovers

Recently, I won a pair of Flexi Flats from the giveaway hosted by fellow makeup bloggers, Lisamarie and Christelle at Beauty Crazed.  I was super lucky to have won this.  Thank you Lisamarie and Christelle!  The shoes were mailed to me quickly from the company.

According to the company, 
FlexiFlats are emergency fold-up ballet flats designed to give your feet a well-deserved break from high-heels. These little saviours will give you a few extra hours on the dance floor or a more comfortable commute home.

Four sizes were available: 
  • SMALL - USA 5/6 - EUR 36/37 - UK 3/4 - JAP 22/23
  • MEDIUM USA 7/8 - EUR 38/40 - UK 5/6 - JAP 24/25
  • LARGE - USA 9/10 - EUR 41/42 - UK 7/8 - JAP 26/27 
  • XL USA 11/12 - EUR 43/44 - UK 9/10 - JAP 28/29
Don't you think it's such a GREAT idea?  I mean, how many of us have days when we left the house all proud and stylish in those NEW and AMAZING LOOKING heels, but towards the end of the day wishing that you can just take off those evil shoes and give your blistered feets some break?  Well....I am definitely one such gal.  To be honest, I can barely walk in heels and when I did, I can always predict what my day will end up like. 

Without further ado, I present....the FLEXI FLATS!   
Warning: image heavy!
You can also skip to the end to see the actual review.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Oh so smooth, Pantene medium-thick shampoo & conditioner

We all have been using various different brands and types of shampoo & conditioners.  Yes, the one that's supposed to maintain your curls, keep your highlight or volumize your hair.  The list goes on.  But seriously, how many of them have actually done something amazing to our hair OR make you say, it WORKS?

I have been troubled by over-volumized hair forever.  Although my Asian hair is somewhat straight and thick, they are way too fuzzy and puffy.  Especially right after washing & blow drying them, my head becomes a fuzz-ball.  What's the use of having supposedly straight hair when you can't let them down and have them silky and smooth?

So if you have problems like mine, Pantene has found a solution for you.

The new Pantene collection offer customized hair care by hair types and the trouble you want to tackle.  There are 4 lines available: color hair, fine hair, medium-thick hair and lastly curly line. Once you have selected the particular line that suits you, you then choose from a list of possible issue that you want to fix.
Color hair:
  • Color preserve shine
  • Color preserve volume
  • Color preserve smooth
  • Expressions for blonde, bunette or highlighting
Fine hair: 
  • Flat to Volume
  • Dry to Moisturized
  • Fragile to Strong
Medium-thick hair:
  • Frizzy to Smooth
  • Dry to Moisturized
  • Breakage to Strength
  • Flat to Volume
Curly hair: 
  • Dry to Moisturized
  • Curls to Straight
 So what did I pick?   Please meet my new love...

Medium-thick hair, frizzy to smooth shampoo & conditioner!  

I found that by using slightly more conditioner, it tames my hair better.  The bottom line is, use sufficient amount of conditioner suitable for your hair length and volume.

  • keeps volume DOWN: no more puffy/exploded hairstyle after blow drying
  • makes hair smooth and silky to touch
  • keeps hair straight & fresh
  • poor design of the caps, which can accumulate shampoo/conditioner.
  • still have fuzzy flyaways 
Score: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: Definitely recommend trying this.  I used to think all (Drugstore) shampoos & conditioners are the same, apparently not with this new line of Pantene. I'm absolutely happy and excited that it tones down the volume of my hair!  I noticed the effect immediately after the first wash.

p.s. review products are purchased with my own money.