Beauty Stats

Skin type
  • light medium asian skin color
  • combination: oily at T-zone
  • not prone to acne but do suffer from blackheads and freckles
Hair type

  • shoulder length with lots of volume
  • straight
  • thick & thin, healthy with rare split ends
  • double eyelids
  • uneven depth of the folds (if that makes any sense)
  • brown pupil
  • wears eye glasses
  • possessed a pair of rigid glass permeable (RGP) contact but can't really stand contact lenses.  
Skincare products
...Except the day moisturizer, everything was purchased in local Canadian drugstore.  I haven't got the urge to try high end products...yet.
  • Olay Definity lines: cleanser, pore scrub, night cream, eye serum
  • Olay White Radiance sun blocker/moisturizer, SPF30 (purchased oversea)
  • Olay quench plus firming body lotion and Olay quench therapy repair concentrate (= heel, knee, elbow treatment)
  • Olay refreshing toner 
  • Crazy about all sorts of lip balms...something I can't be apart from
    • My HG, Aveeno intense relief therapy
  •  Burt's Bee almond milk hand cream (for winter)